The Pinnacle Boat Slip Reservation Updates

september 10th, 2018

Slip #9 has now been reserved. Slips 1, 2 and 10 along with units 1, 2 and 8 remain available. 

august 22nd, 2018

Slip #11 has now been claimed by one of the first people we had to reserve a unit and slip #3 was claimed by the most recently reserved unit. There are of course enough boat slips (with lifts) for all of the units but we just want to keep everyone informed of what is still available. That leaves slips 1, 2, 9 and 10 still up for grabs! 

august 15th, 2018

As the summer (sadly) starts to wind down, we now (gladly!) have seven units under reservation! Unit 9 is now spoken for again so the top floor is full but there are still 5 units available, all having a fantastic view of Bogue Sound and beyond. With unit 9 went slip number 5 so please keep that in mind if you are considering calling The Pinnacle your future home. 

The sheet rock is being put up this week so if anyone would like to go take a look around the building please let us know! 

june 12, 2018

The season has certainly been cranking up here at Alan Shelor Real Estate and along the Crystal Coast in general! We have another unit reserved (#10) leaving just one available on the top floor (#9). There are still 7 units available – three each on the additional floors. Those have amazing views and all the amenities of the top floor units of course so be sure to reach out to us if you’re interested or would like more information. If you’d like to look around the building site one of our agents would be happy to meet you over there for a look around as well! 

We have gotten to the point of having the parties who have already reserved units select their boat slips and felt the need to make up a quick layout of how the slips will be numbered so those interested can be considering what slip they’d like along with their unit. The slip numbers are completely independent of the unit numbers – that is, you can pick whichever available slip you’d like and if, for example, you reserved unit 6 you wouldn’t be obligated to also have boat slip #6. 

As of the time of this post, slips 12, 8, 7, 6, and 4 have been spoken for. We will try to keep the post as updated as possible but please always call or email for the most accurate information.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the summer season so far, we look forward to providing you with more updates soon! 

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  • Keri Sikes
    6 months ago

    Hi Can you email me additional information? I would like to know room dimensions, which units are still available with the location in the building. What are HOA dues and will renting be allowed?

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