July Update

We hope everyone has been having a fantastic summer! For the most part it has been pretty good weather which is not only good for the soul but great for tourism and construction! They now have most of the siding on The Pinnacle and have started on the sheetrock inside. As of right now it is looking like the units will be ready in October but with construction it’s never really possible to set a firm date.

There are now six units under reservation (4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 10) which is fantastic but we are still looking for buyers for the remaining six units! With the finished product becoming easier and easier to visualize each day, we are confident those remaining buyers will be found soon. 

Are you considering buying a second home at the beach or finally making that move to retire to the beach? The Pinnacle would make an excellent place for either! With only twelve units, noise won’t be an issue and privacy will abound. You’ll be hard pressed to find the level of convenience offered by the Pinnacle anywhere else on the island – you can hop on your boat and be at Shack in 15 minutes or walk across the street and down Money Island Drive to the ocean. Don’t feel like doing either? Relax on your private over-sized balcony.

The possibilities of relaxation and island lifestyle enjoyment are truly limitless. Not only do you have the ability to enjoy activities both on the sound and the ocean but you can also reach The Dunes Club, The Island Grille and Amos Mosquitoes without having to even get in your car. 

Whenever I go on vacation, I feel like I always enjoy it more if I’m staying somewhere that allows for minimal driving. There’s something about being able to walk out your door and go to dinner or head to the beach that just seems better than having to load up the car, deal with driving and then parking and then monitoring how many drinks you have. 

Let The Pinnacle put a dash of vacation into your every day life, reserve one of the remaining six units before they’re all gone! 

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