August Update

Did everyone enjoy monsoon season as much as we did? If you didn’t enjoy it at all then the answer to that question is yes. But as well all know rain is necessary, that may have been a little excessive, but there are worse things. At least it has kept the temperatures down but in my opinion it can go on it’s way now so we can enjoy the beach/boat/pool for this last bit of summertime.

Things are really beginning to take shape at The Pinnacle. The siding is on, the sheet rock is being installed and after that it will be time for flooring, fixtures and appliances. Right now we are looking at an October/November completion date. Thankfully all the rain came at a time when there was inside work to be done so it didn’t delay things too much.

We now have SEVEN units reserved and are so excited to be able to say we’ve surpassed the halfway mark! Number 9 was the most recent one to go so the top floor is now officially all taken but there are still five excellent units available. With the building being on pilings, the first and second floors really have the elevation of second and third floors respectively. Either way, there isn’t anything obstructing any unit’s view of Bogue Sound and beyond.

After some consideration, the builder and developer have decided to put an awning-type shade on the side deck of the units on the west side of the building (closest to Fort Macon Marina) to block the view of the building and aid in blocking some of the noise that may come from there (which is infrequent). It will be able to be raised up and down easily at the owner’s convenience. The shades actually add a beautiful touch to the balconies and create a cozy, private feeling. Owners of corner units on the east side of the building have the option to request them too if they’d like. I’ve included a picture of a shade similar to what we’re installing below.

It is crazy to think that after all this time this project will soon be finished! We can’t wait to get the rest of these units reserved and finally lay eyes on the finished product and we hope that you all will take the time to come check it out too – either now or when it’s completely done. As always, if you have any questions or are interested or know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone in our office! – Rudi

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