We have a video of units 7 and 8 - click the link above to view! It shows the layout of the units as well as the differences between the end units versus the interior ones. We also have pictures of what the view is like from each individual unit - those will be uploaded to each unit's page on our website, the MLS and Facebook! 

Alan and I (Rudi) visited the building site on January 9th to get some new pictures and things there surely didn’t disappoint! Having not been in awhile myself, it was amazing to see what a beautiful structure this has become both inside and out!

The following photos were all taken in units that are already reserved – as you can see there are differences in fixtures, flooring, cabinets, etc. The three remaining units that aren’t yet reserved (Numbers 1, 2 & 8) are sure to be just as elegant and luxurious.

Can you see yourself living here? Relaxing on that spacious balcony or even enjoying the view from the comfort of your kitchen or living room? If this looks like the place for you, please reach out to Alan at 252-723-1467, anyone at our office at 252-247-7700 or if email is your preference, main office email address is asre@alanshelorrealestate.com.

You can click on the photos to make them larger and use your mouse, the arrows or your finger to go through the gallery. Please look through and feel free to leave comments! These are also available on our Facebook page. Enjoy! -RS

The rear of the building taken from the dock area
How would you like to wake up to this every morning?

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! As you all can see, Florence and her aftermath put a temporary pause on these update posts but we will try to start posting again whenever there is news to share.

They’ve made great progress towards finishing the building over the past several weeks which is great news for all the reservation holders who are eager to get into their brand new condos!

Currently work is being done on the interiors of the units. Cabinets have been installed, painting is being done and light fixtures are coming soon.

Now that there are cabinets installed, all of the doors to the units are locked so if someone does want to see an available one they’ll need to call our office to borrow the key.

Ideally we are looking at mid-February completion. We’re still trying to iron out the last wrinkles in the public offering statement, budget, etc., but there is a team working tirelessly on those items so it shouldn’t be much longer for all of that to be completed either.

We are beyond excited to see this project in it’s final stages and cannot wait for the day to come when it is finally completed. I’m thinking a ribbon cutting and cartoonishly-large scissors might be in order?

Units 1, 2 and 8 are still available – 1 and 8 are end units with the larger balconies and 2 is an interior unit which has the larger great room. We’re hoping those last 3 will go quickly – if anyone has interested clients or would like to take a look please just call the office – 252.247.7700!

Once again Happy New Year and here’s to hoping my next post will be entitled “They’re Done!”




Happy Fall Y’all! 

The weather has finally cooled down and after a hurricane and mountains piles of debris as far as the eye can see, I’m pretty sure I can speak for most everyone when I say the lower humidity and milder temps have been most welcome. Those post-Flo mosquitoes and flies were no joke! With the less severe season finally upon us, the teams working at The Pinnacle have been able to mitigate the little bit of damage we had from Florence and make some good headway on finishing up the last parts of the project. 

Here’s a quick list of what has been accomplished in the past few weeks and what can be expected in the coming weeks. 

  • The shutters on the west side corner units were damaged by Florence but have been replaced and have had hand rails added on the inside of the balconies for extra sturdiness – they look great and provide an excellent barrier between those units and Fort Macon Marina. There isn’t much noise that comes from the marina but the shutters allow the residents of the units on that side a little more privacy. I for one think having a little private space to relax and read a book is great – if you want to be out in the open you can just go to the other side of your balcony! These shutters were a wonderful idea and a great addition to the project (despite Florence’s opinion). 
  • The sprinkler system inside the building has been installed and is being inspected this week. With this being completed, the contractors can now begin installing the sheet rock inside the units. With enough people working, the sheet rocking shouldn’t take very long and we will finally have somewhat of a finished product to be looking at. And let me tell you – no one is more excited to see that than the GC, the developers and Alan! 
  • The tubs and showers have already been installed in the bathrooms and the rest of the fixtures will follow soon now that the sheet rock process will be completed. The electrical wiring has already been done and once the walls are closed in they will be able to work on getting light fixtures and things like that installed as well. 
  • A big plus that was recently discovered is that we’ve found space for about 10 more parking places that would be for guests or whoever. Each unit has two spaces underneath the building so these extra spaces should alleviate any concerns that people may have had about places for their guests to park. 

As of right now (and as long as things stay on track) the project should be completed by the end of the year. The budget and public offering statement are nearly ready as are the HOA covenants. The purchase contract has been drawn up by an attorney and is just awaiting approval from one additional party. We are so excited to have this completed and to be able to show everyone what we’ve all worked so hard on over the past 18 months and to finally get the wonderful folks who have made these reservations into their brand new condominiums.

There are still 3 units remaining available (1, 2 and 8) so now is the time to claim yours while they’re still left! 

Please keep checking back for additional updates and of course if you have any questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to reach out!


New Shutters

September 8th, 2018

Summer has reached it’s unofficial end, though it would seem someone has forgotten to inform the weather of this because it is still reaching about 90 every day and extremely humid. I’m trying not to complain too much though because I know I’ll be longing for these days in a few months when it’s about 40 out and there’s about 3 hours of daylight each day. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit – what can I say, we’re beach people, we like the light and the heat, we don’t do well with this winter stuff. It’s just unnatural. 

Anyway, on to the subject at hand – The Pinnacle! Unit 3 has now gone under reservation which makes for a total of NINE units reserved. Yes, NINE, you didn’t misread that. We are so thrilled with the interest and popularity this project has seen this year and are just as anxious as those who have reserved units to see the finished product. As with any major project there have been ups and downs but overall The Pinnacle has made for a fun and busy year at Alan Shelor Real Estate and we’ve all enjoyed working with the developers, builders and everyone involved. 

The siding is finished on the building, sheet rock was being installed last week and this coming week and should be finished very soon, concrete has been poured underneath the building, the elevator will be installed in the coming weeks as well as fixtures and appliances in the units. We are looking at a full completion date of mid-to-late October. It’s hard to believe that the project will be finished so soon – we aren’t going to know what to do with ourselves!

Well, there might be another project coming up after this one but you didn’t hear that from me… 

I hope everyone is able to enjoy these last few weeks of summer when the beaches and roads are much less crowded and we can all sit back and relax a bit and congratulate ourselves on another hard working busy season gone by.



August 20th, 2018

Happy Monday! It was so wonderful to finally have a sunny weekend, even if it was a bit windy. Another Pinnacle unit was reserved over the weekend, unit 7! This leaves only four units still available – units 1, 2, 3 and 8. With unit 7 went boat slip number three – you can look at the boat slip map here. Unit owners are being able to pick whichever available slip they’d like, there isn’t any correlation between unit number and slip number.

If you’d like to be a part of this exclusive waterfront community, now is the time to reserve your new home! Please give us a call or if you already have an agent, have them get in touch with us if you have any questions or are ready to select one of the fantastic remaining units!


August Update

Did everyone enjoy monsoon season as much as we did? If you didn’t enjoy it at all then the answer to that question is yes. But as well all know rain is necessary, that may have been a little excessive, but there are worse things. At least it has kept the temperatures down but in my opinion it can go on it’s way now so we can enjoy the beach/boat/pool for this last bit of summertime.

Things are really beginning to take shape at The Pinnacle. The siding is on, the sheet rock is being installed and after that it will be time for flooring, fixtures and appliances. Right now we are looking at an October/November completion date. Thankfully all the rain came at a time when there was inside work to be done so it didn’t delay things too much.

We now have SEVEN units reserved and are so excited to be able to say we’ve surpassed the halfway mark! Number 9 was the most recent one to go so the top floor is now officially all taken but there are still five excellent units available. With the building being on pilings, the first and second floors really have the elevation of second and third floors respectively. Either way, there isn’t anything obstructing any unit’s view of Bogue Sound and beyond.

After some consideration, the builder and developer have decided to put an awning-type shade on the side deck of the units on the west side of the building (closest to Fort Macon Marina) to block the view of the building and aid in blocking some of the noise that may come from there (which is infrequent). It will be able to be raised up and down easily at the owner’s convenience. The shades actually add a beautiful touch to the balconies and create a cozy, private feeling. Owners of corner units on the east side of the building have the option to request them too if they’d like. I’ve included a picture of a shade similar to what we’re installing below.

It is crazy to think that after all this time this project will soon be finished! We can’t wait to get the rest of these units reserved and finally lay eyes on the finished product and we hope that you all will take the time to come check it out too – either now or when it’s completely done. As always, if you have any questions or are interested or know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone in our office! – Rudi


July Update

We hope everyone has been having a fantastic summer! For the most part it has been pretty good weather which is not only good for the soul but great for tourism and construction! They now have most of the siding on The Pinnacle and have started on the sheetrock inside. As of right now it is looking like the units will be ready in October but with construction it’s never really possible to set a firm date.

There are now six units under reservation (4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 10) which is fantastic but we are still looking for buyers for the remaining six units! With the finished product becoming easier and easier to visualize each day, we are confident those remaining buyers will be found soon. 

Are you considering buying a second home at the beach or finally making that move to retire to the beach? The Pinnacle would make an excellent place for either! With only twelve units, noise won’t be an issue and privacy will abound. You’ll be hard pressed to find the level of convenience offered by the Pinnacle anywhere else on the island – you can hop on your boat and be at Shack in 15 minutes or walk across the street and down Money Island Drive to the ocean. Don’t feel like doing either? Relax on your private over-sized balcony.

The possibilities of relaxation and island lifestyle enjoyment are truly limitless. Not only do you have the ability to enjoy activities both on the sound and the ocean but you can also reach The Dunes Club, The Island Grille and Amos Mosquitoes without having to even get in your car. 

Whenever I go on vacation, I feel like I always enjoy it more if I’m staying somewhere that allows for minimal driving. There’s something about being able to walk out your door and go to dinner or head to the beach that just seems better than having to load up the car, deal with driving and then parking and then monitoring how many drinks you have. 

Let The Pinnacle put a dash of vacation into your every day life, reserve one of the remaining six units before they’re all gone! 

We have had some 3D renderings done of both the inside and outside of The Pinnacle and are finally ready to share them with you! We are hoping this will give everyone a much clearer idea of what the finished product will look like as well as allow you to envision what the inside of your future home could look like. Things are getting closer to being finished every day and soon what you see here will be a reality but in the meantime please enjoy these new photos!

Please click on the thumbnails to see larger versions and use the arrows to navigate through. 


september 10th, 2018

Slip #9 has now been reserved. Slips 1, 2 and 10 along with units 1, 2 and 8 remain available. 

august 22nd, 2018

Slip #11 has now been claimed by one of the first people we had to reserve a unit and slip #3 was claimed by the most recently reserved unit. There are of course enough boat slips (with lifts) for all of the units but we just want to keep everyone informed of what is still available. That leaves slips 1, 2, 9 and 10 still up for grabs! 

august 15th, 2018

As the summer (sadly) starts to wind down, we now (gladly!) have seven units under reservation! Unit 9 is now spoken for again so the top floor is full but there are still 5 units available, all having a fantastic view of Bogue Sound and beyond. With unit 9 went slip number 5 so please keep that in mind if you are considering calling The Pinnacle your future home. 

The sheet rock is being put up this week so if anyone would like to go take a look around the building please let us know! 

june 12, 2018

The season has certainly been cranking up here at Alan Shelor Real Estate and along the Crystal Coast in general! We have another unit reserved (#10) leaving just one available on the top floor (#9). There are still 7 units available – three each on the additional floors. Those have amazing views and all the amenities of the top floor units of course so be sure to reach out to us if you’re interested or would like more information. If you’d like to look around the building site one of our agents would be happy to meet you over there for a look around as well! 

We have gotten to the point of having the parties who have already reserved units select their boat slips and felt the need to make up a quick layout of how the slips will be numbered so those interested can be considering what slip they’d like along with their unit. The slip numbers are completely independent of the unit numbers – that is, you can pick whichever available slip you’d like and if, for example, you reserved unit 6 you wouldn’t be obligated to also have boat slip #6. 

As of the time of this post, slips 12, 8, 7, 6, and 4 have been spoken for. We will try to keep the post as updated as possible but please always call or email for the most accurate information.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the summer season so far, we look forward to providing you with more updates soon! 

June 1st, 2018

After several days of rain we finally got a reprieve at the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend and were able to get some fantastic drone shots of The Pinnacle and the area around it. These photos not only showcase how much the construction process has progressed but also illustrate just how close the site is to the sound, the ocean and pretty much everything else in Atlantic Beach. You’ll be hard pressed to find more breathtaking photos of this beautiful little town we are fortunate enough to call home. The photos are featured on the ads for each unit now so please take a look, you won’t be disappointed! 

The units on this page are still available and as summer picks up we are hoping that will rapidly change so be sure to let us know if you are interested or would like some more information.