In addition to all the wonderful history-related activities at Fort Macon here in Atlantic Beach, there is actually a 3.5 mile nature trail that encircles the property as well! This trail is called the Elliott Coues Nature Trail and can be accessed from both the beach access and main fort parking lots.

Part of the trail goes through the dunes and through some woods (though none of them deep, you can see either the beach or the main road from the whole thing), and the other part runs behind and alongside the Coast Guard Station and the marsh.

The dune side can make for some vigorous exercise as there are several steep hills and it is very sandy at some parts – though they’ve done their best to keep gravel over most of the trail. This whole area is also where a lot of old Christmas Trees have been placed for renourishment purposes.

The red dotted line shows the path of the Elliott Coues Trail well as the other two trails (Yarrow’s Loop and Fishermen’s Path) which lead out to the beach

The trail is pet-friendly (please pick up after them!) and makes for a great day spent outside at the beach – its definitely worth checking out if you never have, especially in the later winter/early spring before it gets too hot and humid!