Today’s property buyers and sellers are inundated with choices – from even hiring an agent, to which firm if so and from there which specific team or agent they’d like to work with.

With all of the other major decisions that are having to be made during such an important period in your lives, picking an agent should be a decision you feel you can make comfortably and with ease.

Sand Dunes, Atlantic Beach circa 1952
from State Archives of NC

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a firm and agent to represent you and your interests. Are they new in the area or do they have a solid reputation? Do they have a proven record of success? Do they work in real estate full-time or do they have another career as well?

The answers to these questions are very important because they will tell you what kind of agent you’re getting, how knowledgeable they are about the area’s market trends, what their availability is likely to be and ultimately if they’re going to fit what you’re seeking in a representative.

At Alan Shelor Real Estate, nearly all of our agents are full-time and have been living in the area for several years.

Atlantic Beach – date unknown
from State Archives of NC

Alan was born and raised in Atlantic Beach and is what many call one of the last true natives of the island. No one around knows more about the local market and properties than he does and he is happy to be able to put that knowledge to use for the benefit of each and every one of his clients.

Are you looking to work with a team that is more than just some matching shirts, catchphrases and fancy cameras? Would you prefer to entrust your precious investments to real people who grew up in the area, who have life-long connections to the Crystal Coast and the people in it, who aren’t looking out for the bottom line of a big-named franchise but rather are seeking to help find their perfect beach home or begin moving on to the next chapter of their lives?

Fort Macon circa 1950
from State Archives of NC

If that sounds like it describes the agent you would enjoy working with then please give Alan Shelor Real Estate a try, you won’t be disappointed.